As a native Houstonian and proud  Democrat, I ask for your support to become the Democratic nominee for judge of the 113th Civil District Court of Harris County, Texas.  For over a decade, I have been zealously representing individuals, non-profits, and small to publicly traded businesses in courthouses across Harris County. With this wide-range experience, hard-work and a commitment to judicial integrity, I am now seeking to serve as a trial judge.

Experience and Integrity

Fairness and Equality

 Respect and Integrity

The system is inherently broken if the law only applies to certain people. As judge, I will be committed to upholding the law regardless of  the people or businesses involved.  The residents of Harris County deserve a judge that will follow the law in each case and judge on the merits of the case free from bias and prejudice. 
It is critical for the judge of this Court  to recognize that integrity and  respect are cornerstones of  the legal process.  As judge, I will serve as your public servant with integrity  throughout each court proceeding. If elected, I will create an atmosphere that fosters respect by treating all individuals with the utmost respect and civility.  

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